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XXL speaks to Alan Abramson, the attorney representing rapper Tru Life in his 2nd Degree murder case. Here are the details: recently reached out to his attorney to find out how the former Roc La Familia rapper is holding up and to gain more insight into the case.

As previously reported Tru, born Roberto Guzman Rosado, was arrested on second degree murder and gang related charges on June 22, for allegedly fatally stabbing a man and leaving another man in critical condition. Tru’s brother Marcus Rosado, was also picked up for the supposed incident that authorities believe occurred on June 15 in a Midtown Manhattan lobby, as part of an ongoing dispute between both parties.

“At this point [Tru Life’s] still incarcerated and he’s awaiting arraignment in Supreme Court,” Tru’s lawyer, Alan Abramson, told XXL, after declining to answer how his client’s spirits are behind bars.

Although Tru has already entered a not guilty plea, Abramson explained to XXL that the rapper has not officially been charged for the crime. “This is just the initial court appearance so we can find out exactly what he’s being charged with.”

Once charged, Abramson is completely confident that his client will be cleared of any wrongdoing. “He is an extraordinarily talented young artist and we believe that he will be vindicated of any charge they throw against him.”

According to Abramson, Tru is scheduled to appear in Manhattan Supreme Court on July 27


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