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Sources are revealing that Compton rapper The Game will be releasing his next LP “The R.E.D.” directly through Interscope Records. This is a bit of a surprise because Game was moved over to Geffen Records after falling out with G-Unit and Dr. Dre during his beef with 50 Cent.  “Game will definitely be directly on Interscope,” says Game’s manager Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond. The Game previous two releases “Doctor’s Advocate” & “LAX” were released through Geffen after his first “The Documentary” was released on Interscope/G-Unit.

Pretty bold move considering 50 Cent is still the 2nd most prominent Hip Hop artist (after Eminem) on the label. Is 50 losing clout with Interscope after numerous complaints of Interscope’s handling of G-Unit projects and his next album being his last studio album?


Also it appears Game has also landed the coveted role of B.A. Baracus, the highly popular character played by Mr. T in the 80’s TV series, in movie version of “The A-Team” television show. Rosemond insists the he has landed the role beating out Common and Ice Cube for the role. The R.E.D. should be released this December according to Rosemond, “unless he starts shooting The A-Team movie this October in Canada.”

I was hoping Cube got that joint…

Props: XXL


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