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Swizz Beatz’ estranged wife & R&B singer, Mashonda, seems to have had enough of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys flaunting their relationship. Mashonda took to the net and lamented on twitter that Swizz and Ms. Keys are committing adultery and that Swizz isn’t divorced just yet and that she’s out and about flaunting a married man. She feels that Alicia is being disrespectful to her son. mashonda wants an apology for Alicia Keys for the role she played in wrecking her home. Rumors also have it that Swizz & Alicia already live together and has moved Swizz into her Long Island, NY home. Mashonda tweets an open letter to Alicia Keys in order to set things straight.

After having a great evening with my son and enjoying some fun twit chat, I decided to sign off and get some work done. However, a few hours later I was advised that I should check @aliciakeys twit page. I’ve never reached out to her on twitter before. I feel our issues are a lot more serious than a website conversation. Not to mention that I’ve reached out to her many times in the beginning of this whole thing, as any wife would do. Unfortunately, I never succeeded in getting a response. The 1st time I meet AK, my husband introduced us to each other at an event. ( I have no choice but to call him my husband, until he is not anymore) In the messages that I sent to her (AK), I made it very clear that on the contrary of what she might be hearing, I am still married to my husband, living with him and just had a child. Its been two years and I still have not received a response. What I do receive, is constant displays of selfishness and disconcern to me and my son.

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I was a fan of AK’s last album, we were both signed to J Records and I always checked up on her projects. I sang her songs and admired her for creating Superwoman and Karma, I would never deny her, her talent. I believed in her until I found out she was possibly sleeping with my husband. The affair was denied by both, until it was finally admitted months later.

Already I can hear some of you saying ” why are u blaming her, You cant make someone leave their wife, You cant break something thats broken”. Well, my marriage was not broken, as far as I knew we were celebrating our sons birth and getting ready to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary . Call it blind love, whatever. I call it being a devoted wife.. As far as me blaming her and not blaming him, thats false. Me and my husband have worked out our differences. We are in a good place as people and as parents. I accept his choices and I am comfortable enough with myself to move on. I am so very blessed in many ways.

My concern with AK is no longer the fact that she assisted in destroying a family but that she has the audacity to make these selfish comments about love and wanting to be with someone, even after knowing their situation. How is this the same Superwoman that I sang out loud with in my truck? I ask myself sometimes.

If you are reading this Alicia, let me start by saying, you know what you did. You know the role you played and you know how you contributed to the ending of my marriage. You know that I asked you to step back and let me handle my family issues. Issues that you helped to create.

Im not saying everything was perfect all the time but no relationship is perfect. We made a vow to God and I believe you should have respected that, as a woman. I know you owe me or my son nothing but I just wish you would’ve handled things more carefully. I’m not judging you, I put you and the whole situation in the hands of God, the Higher Power. Just know that as a woman, I expected so much more from you. I never had intentions on reaching out to you this way but after reading your twits tonight, and the constant disregard, you left me no choice. I feel that after 1 and a half years of you hiding this affair and acting like it doesnt exist, that now is the time to confront it, since you talk so openly about it now

This is not a publicity stunt, I dont have a record coming out. I just need to close this chapter in my life and that means confronting our issues. There is a small child involved. His dad loves him to death and he wants to spend more time with him but hes afraid because he knows we don’t have a relationship. This is my main concern. My son NEEDS his dad and I NEED to be comfortable with you. For him!

I know many will see my point and many will not be able to look into what’s real because they only want to see Alicia Keys the celebrity, not the human. This is not for the “people”, this is for you. Like I said I was left no choice but to reach out to you this way. By now, Im sure you want to find a balance in this as well.

I read your tweets tonight and I felt they were very insensitive. You have no idea how much pain I was caused because of this affair. Its baffling to me that you don’t understand what I might have gone through with this situation. I dont consider myself a victim anymore, Ive learned alot from this! I just ask you to try and be a bit more realistic and delicate to the situation, at least until my divorce is final. I felt me attending the party would have been a starting point for us, since you shook my hand after I offered it, but I suppose I was wrong.

If its so, that you and my husband are meant to be together, then God bless you both and I hope you never have to deal with what I did. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. If you two being together forever is the case, its more of a reason for us to get along, because I’m not going anywhere. Theres a child to be raised.

To answer your tweet, choose smart over spark. Sparks burn everyone, be smart! Its simple actually, just think of the shoe being on the other foot.

Stay blessed and lets work this thing out with respect and dignity.



  1. Alicia you have to think on what your doing. it is a big SIN to sleep with a husband of someone, GOD doesn’t allow that. and remember all what you do to your friend will happen to you as well, so if you are stilling mashonda’s husband get prepared to experience the same situation when u get married.

    assume it was you, how would you feel?? it is very bad just leave the man alone, there is a child to be raised as mashonda said, and that child need both love from his Mom and Dad, so please if you know GOD is existing stop that, because GOD sees you my friend you cant hide your self from him, so stop it before he punish you. thas all ALICIA.

    I respected you a lot, couldn’t even think you can do this,it shocked me real…. am sorry for you mashonda, believe in GOD he will help you, nothing is impossible to him.

  2. I have new found respect for this woman! I am following her on twitter. I cant phantom putting a family thru so much grief.

    its sad but at the same time, im glad that she was able to grow and learn from this experience and not allow their decisions to affect her within.

  3. Okay. first of all i am a huge Alicia keys fan and i will ALWAYS be. I am so tired of hearing about this whole ordeal. Mashonda needs to let go and move the hell on already. You can not make a man love you. If he wants to move on let him, he is happy with Alicia Keys. I feel its childish of Mashonda to be upset with Alicia and writing her on twitter,because Swizz Beatz knew he had a wife. So the fact that he went out and cheated on her is NOT Alicia’s fault. Mashonda need to woman up and accept the fact that her marriage been over long before Alicia came in the picture and she needs to move on. What kind of woman begs and cry for a man? And im going to end this by saying, I wish Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz much love, happpiness and peace. Im happy for them two because they are happy together. As for you Mashonda, GET A LIFE.!

  4. First off, no one has the right to make judgement about someone. Those who are casting stones take a look at yourselves and know that you too have been in situations such as this. I have been in the same situation as Mashonda, but I can not sit here and say what GOD does not allow. Who said that God put that marriage together from the beginning. I also read what God put together no man can come between it. God always gives us what we think we want, but is that what he wants for us. I couldn’t understand why my husband did what he did. I thought just as Mashonda did that I was the best wife and mother any man would ever wish to have in his life but I was up for a rude awaking. Even if it wasn’t Alicia it would have been someone else. In my relationship with God I now understand, if you love him let him go. God is the only man to can mend a marriage and if he does not have a relationship with God then he does not know where he belongs. Also children does not mend a marriage, and why would think about yourselves in a broken relationship. If you love your children you will move on, because it only damages the children in the long run when you are trying to hang on to a loveless relationship. Love is not one sided. Yes Mashonda vow were made and we should honor them however, We should let go and let God. Nothing should shock anyone in the industry they are in this happens all the time. Money makes a difference. Also the decision has affected her within, if it didn’t she would not have been trying to contact Alicia through a website. A child can have love from both parents that does not mean both parent has to be in the same house where the child can see problems.

  5. What’s WRONG with you people? Does no one understand they were SEPERATED BEFORE Alicia came along? Besides, if they were seperating because their marriage wasn’t working & they BOTH knew it, she has NO right to complain that he moved on. Why in the world is Mashoda being so chidish? Alicia ignored your tweet & so fucking what? I dont think she cares for your drama & tears that your relationship came to end because it wasnt HER fault your relationship ended, it was you & your mans. Mashoda is the one being stupid & childish here, NOT Keys. We all know Keys is an AMAZING person & has always valued love so much, so there’s no way ANY of you can judge her & talk shit, because none of you know what’s really going on in their marriage. I think Mashoda found it easy to talk smack about Keys because, well, she’s Keys & everyone loves her, with VERY good reason.

  6. Mashoda needs to let go of Swiss and let him be with AK. The man doesn’t LOVE her no more, his feeling for her is gone and that’s the reason why he’s with AK. If her children don’t have a father in their lives, try to find a new one or simply explain the reason why he left. In my opinion that’s very evil of Swiss to leave his children like that. We as people don’t really know what happened in his marriage with Mashoda, things that we will never know so let it be. I’m not here to judge anyone, but terrible tribulations occur in life which can’t be fixed.

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