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At the Powerhouse Concert in Philly last night Jadakiss & the rest of D-Block brought out hometown rapper Beanie Sigel to the stage to perform and  to give and receive some love from the Philly crowd.

But the only thing being talked about is whether or not Beans took shots at Hov…which I think he did; but minor ones. At the 1:59 minute mark Jadakiss states “you know they actin’ funny in the back, Mack.” Is that an implication to a Jay/Beans incident backstage? Who knows?

According to Miss Info:

He performed, “In the Air” and then…according to multiple sources….Beans started spitting his own a-capella version of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 intro. In the original rhyme, Hov says, “Grown men, they want me to sit them on my lap. But I ain’t got no beard and Santa Claus ain’t black” Beanie alluded to that by saying that he’s not on Santa’s sack and that Santa can’t come in his house…and capped it off with a few “I run this town’s.

According to RapRadar:

Ok, tryin’ to figure this out from the footage. After the end of the first verse of “Feel It The Air” which goes “I read between the lines of your eyes and your brows/Your handshake ain’t match your smile/ These niggas foul!” Sig adds “Alllready.” Then as he leaves stage, he yells, “Love y’all, Philly. This is my muthafuckin’ house. I run this town tonight!” Then it sounds like he repeats it. Then did he come back on stage and spit more at Jay? Footage is unclear. Hopefully, there’ll be more video for clarity. Feels like he definitely went at him. The question is how severe.

It appears that the chopped video part is Sigel comin’ back on stage to kick his version of BP3’s second verse from “What We Talkin’ About”. As we all know, the original goes, “Grown men want me to sit ‘em on my lap but I don’t have a beard and Santa Claus ain’t Black. I repeat you can’t sit on my lap. I don’t have a beard, now get off of my sack.” Apparently, Beans took offense ’cause you catch the end of his version where he goes at the 5:10 mark, “I’m comin’ down my chimney with a Mac and go blat! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Ouch.

Also it’s been alleged that in the beginning of Jay-Z’s set Beanie Sigel came out and sat in the front row as Jay carried on and delivered a great show. But Jay’s security wasn’t sure of Beans intentions and kept an eye on him during the set.


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