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50 Cent calls into The Gomez Bros. show on Shade 45 Saturday night and talked about his album leaking, the Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel drama that’s going on, says his album is being pushed up to November 16th, feels good about the positive feedback on his album, Officer Ricky & the upcoming release of his cologne Nov. 5th.

[0:55-1:10] I’m pushing the record up, it’ll be out on the 16th. I’m expecting it to do good because of the response I’ve heard on the web.
[12:10] I feel good that it was leaked in its entirety, in sequence. So people can hear my vision.

[3:35-4:00] [What’s your take on the Beanie Sigel/Jay-Z?] That whole shit is a mess. I understand where his frustration comes from, because there was a point where— He would’ve had a serious check…

[6:15-7:10] A lot of the times when I say Jay is a cool punk, don’t get it fucked up, he’s a smart guy. You can’t take away from him what he’s done in the actual business and in the game. But since he lost to Nas, he hasn’t competed… Everytime somebody came, Beans went out in the front with Jadakiss. He had the Cam’ron issues. Then when Cam’ron came back and it was issues again, the Tru-Life deal was signed. And when Tru-Life got into an altercation with him, that one stopped. That’s what stopped the Cam beef.

[8:05-9:00] [Do you feel like that Beanie Sigel has some legitimate complaints for Jay-Z?] I think he did have legitimate complaints because of my choices. Like— When they tell me you was giving the nigga $1250? [Silence.] A group? [Silence.] A motherfucker can’t even afford no pussy with $1250. [Laughs.] These niggas is staying in nice hotels. If a bitch order room service twice, you’re done. [Laughs.] You know what it is, it’s traditional business. My business model comes from the curb so I’ma take care of my niggas a little different, cuz they my people.

50 Cent Calls Shade 45 – Addresses Album Leak, Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel Drama & More

Props: Navjosh


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