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Jay-Z graces another cover; this time it’s for newly minted magazine, RESPECT. RESPECT Magazine collects the stories behind some of the most famous images in Hip-Hop. Hear from world renowned, note-worthy and significant photographers behind some of Hip-Hop’s iconic snapshots as they give their accounts and chronicle the story of each pic. RESPECT bills itself as ‘A Photo Journal Of Hip Hop.’

With this inaugural issue, we bring you rare frames from nine photographers whose work has helped shape not only your visions of hip-hop’s icons, but hip-hop’s view of itself. And, even with this, we’ve had to leave out moving and engaging stories, pristine and iconic shots. There are photographers whose work couldn’t make this issue, just as there are those whom we’ve recently lost— namely Shawn Mortensen, whose most enduring image may very well be the definitive snapshot of Tupac Shakur, in a straitjacket; and the great Irving Penn, who, while not a hip-hop photographer, undoubtedly inspired every lensman in this issue. – RESPECT Mag

respect1-Pac respect_mag_no1_jay-z

At newsstands now.

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