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Louisiana rapper, Lil’ Boosie, was sentenced to two years in prison in September after pleading guilty for drug and weapons charges stemming from an arrest back in October 2008 when authorities found a firearm along with a bag of marijuana in his car but now Boosie will serve four years after the judge presiding over his case discovered that Boosie had numerous infractions during his probation which his ankle monitor revealed.

Boosie had originally plead guilty to a two-year deal in order to avoid trial in the case. The judge agreed to only sentence him to two years, with him probably only having to serve one year on good behavior. But with the probation violations Boosie’s jail time has doubled to four years, with him having to serve a mandatory two years in prison.

Damn homie…you know you done f’d up right?


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  1. Dam mii babii daddy plays no qames lOl…see iineedd a thuq daddy liike hiim!!

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