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New track from Gucci where he addresses his beef/issues with Young Jeezy, T.I., Tiny and more. Gucci’s The State vs. Radric Davis drops Dec. 8.

 Gucci Mane “My Own Worst Enemy” (CDQ)

Also Miss Info got a chance to chop it up with La Flare in his old hood down in the A where he talks about the Worst Enemy record and what motivated him to make the record, his past with T.I. and more…

Well I got to see what the mania was all about when I was down in Atlanta….Gucci has very limited free time, but in between shooting multiple videos, eating lunch at the scripclub (lol), dropping 3 mixtapes at once, and holding court with his rabid fans, Gucci took me to the very housing complex where he grew up and admittedly screwed up in Zone 6/East Atlanta….to chat about many things (his history with T.I., being blacklisted in ATL, his childhood,etc). But in this clip, we talked about the song that surprised me the most.

Far from a diss song, is “My Own Worst Enemy” an “at-peace” song?

–  Miss Info


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