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This snippet is just a taste off the track that drops Friday the 13th from Beans featuring Fif. It’s a 30-second snippet where Fif opens the song singing what’s is believed to be the hook and Beans comes spittin’ some ‘black hoodie rap.’ So far no shots at Hov on the snippet.

Beanie Sigel ft. Curtis – I Go Off (30sec Snippet)


Billboard got the scoop:

“I’ll give you something to talk about / come around me fronting, I’ll air you out / I go off,” 50 harmonizes at the beginning of the song atop a drum-heavy, winded production. “I don’t shoot sh*t off, dog, I gun it down / walk up on n*ggas and run them down / pull a stock out the K, throw a hundred rounds,” Beanie rhymes with conviction.

The eight bars conclude with the Broad Street Bully menacing, “Won’t stop ’til your box lowered to the ground / put you in a urn, your bones are burn / The rap gorilla, the wack rap ringtone killa, I’m here / to find a n*gga equally realer is rare / you could meet me in the square if you dare to come near / I have no morals.”

The whole song drops tomorrow.

Sidebar: Beans already used that verse he spittin’ on another track a few moths back on “The Last Two” with Young Chris & Freeway…that’s wack; if this is suppose to be his introduction to business with Fif then that’s not a good look; gotta be something new but the verse is fire though.

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