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Here’s the CDQ of the the track. Fif throws down his guanlet and officially challenges Jay-Z (not by spittin’ bars though) with trademark rant at the end of tracks.

Miss Info transcribed the rant:

Yeah, you changed, man. You let the money change you, Jay. You used to be from Marcy n—a, now you’se a pass the Grey Poupon ass n—a. You don’t want the shooters? I’ll take them. N—a, you feed the wolves or the wolves feed off you. Eat yo’ ass alive. I’m here by [Conrad’s creed???]. Strategy. Your move, mister.”

Beanie Sigel feat. 50 Cent – I Go Off (Mastered/Final) | Clean

Props: NR via Miss Info

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  1. […] Cent has officially called out Jay-Z. On Thursday night, the much hyped Beanie Sigel/ 50 Cent collaboration, “I Go Off,” premiered on Philadelphia’s Power 99 and New York’s Hot 97, during Kay Slay’s […]

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