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Beyoncé and Lady Gaga link up for not one but for two tracks and their both pretty good and…uh… phone related. The first is a remix of Beyoncé’s track “Video Phone” and Gaga just might have upstaged Ms. Sasha Fierce on that one. They also shot a video for this and should be released sometime soon.

Download: Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga – “Video Phone” (Remix)

The second track is a new track from Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé called “Telephone” that is set to appear on Lady Gaga’s  upcoming re-release album Fame Monster. It’s different and on this one I think Ms. Sasha was a bit more Fierce than Gaga…and that is no easy task.

Download: Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé – “Telephone”


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