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50 Cent believes it when he says “I run New York,” even when the perception is that Jay-Z is the reigning King of New York, Fif begs to differ.

In an upcoming show set to air on BET called “Food for Thought: Conversations with 50 Cent,” Fif is asked by journalist Harry Allen on why it is believed that Jay-Z holds the crown for NY and not him.  Read his response below:

During an upcoming episode of “Food for Thought: Conversations with 50 Cent,” the media assassin, Harry Allen simply asked, “Why is Jay-Z widely considered king of New York, and not you?”

“There’s not another artist in New York City that generates more interest than 50 Cent,” Fif told Allen. “If we go international, Jay-Z is Beyoncé’s husband. He became more popular and relevant based on the work that Matthew [Knowles] made Beyoncé do.”

In addition to being interview by Allen 50 cent will also be interview by Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez and sports journalist Stephen A. Smith. A similiar interview was held with the same three interviewers for Jay-Z (“Food For Thought: Coversations With Jay-Z”) which premiered the show.

Fif also speaks on his epic SoundScan showdown with Kanye West, what he learned in his relationship with Vivica A. Fox, his new CD, “Before I Self Destruct” and his income drop according to Forbes Magazine.

Angie Martinez & 50 Cent at the taping of 'Food For Thought' (11/16/09)

Food for Thought: Conversations with 50 Cent” premieres Thursday November 19 at 7:30 PM on BET.

Props: BET


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