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Rumor has it that Jay-Z & 50 Cent could bring an end to their beef and actually work together on a song…that will also feature Nas. Apparently there are rumors circulating that Hov will record an “Empire State Of Mind” remix that will feature new verses from Nas & 50 Cent. Meaning there’s even a chance of Nas & Fif ending their fued.

Checkout the homie Lowkey‘s post about it over at BET’s Sound Off:

Despite 50 Cent calling Jay-Z Beyonce’s husband and more recently jabbing that he thinks he’s Jesus, rumor has it that the two may actually be working together behind the scenes. A source who recently found himself eavesdropping on a conversation at a certain New York Giant’s office, recently told that Hov may be unifying the big apple by featuring Fif and Nas on the “Empire State of Mind” remix.

Word is the entire recording as well as conversations between the NY juggernauts will be documented. In addition to continually jabbing Jay, Fif has had issues with Nas for a while. Former friends, the Queens MCs became at odds after Fif called Nas out on The Massacre’s “Piggy Bank.” Word has already been spreading that Nas, who was reportedly slated to appear on the original track, is on deck for the remix.

Do you think it’ll happen? I for one don’t even see it even being a possibility. It’s not gonna happen; So I won’t be holding my breath on this one.


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