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By now most of you are familiar with the album artwork above for the forthcoming joint album by Wu-Tang Clan members Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon, Wu-Massacre. But check out the album cover artwork for the other variant “Collector’s Edition” covers that feature each individual MC of the Wu subgroup Meth, Ghost & Rae:

Click pics to enlarge

Each cover inspired by comic book art [it’s been well documented that both Meth & Ghost are fans of comics; hence alias Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) & Toney Starks (Iron Man)] and drawn by Chris Bachalo, who has done work for Marvel Comics (X-Men & Captain America). The art direction handled by Alex Haldi.

The album drops March 30 on Def Jam. To pre-order the album, hit up Amazon.

Props: DrJays

Bonus: after the jump check out the single cover artwork for the “Meth vs Chef 2” track


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