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Although the King of Pop has passed on, his legacy still reigns above all.

Michael Jackson’s estate has struck a 10 album deal with Sony Music Corp. for $250 million; the richest record deal in history according to the Wall Street Journal. The deal requires the 10 Jackson albums will be released through 2017.

It’s also reported the the albums will be a combinations of unreleased songs and packages of familiar songs offered as collections.

The deal will allow Sony and the Jackson estate to collaborate on licensing arrangements which includes the use of the King of Pop’s music for films, television, commercials and lines of memorabilia such as clothing, toys, etc. which would prove to be very lucrative to all parties involved.

Since Michael Jackson’s death last June, he has sold 31 millions records worldwide.

I’m pretty sure MJ’s kids will benefit from the future earning and royalties; which only right but the question remains…who else from his estate benefit as well?  



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