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Apparently the ‘net is buzzing on the pretty strong rumor that a brand new track from Dr. Dre featuring Jay-Z will be unleashed this week. The funny thing is, the source of the rumor is E! Television’s correspondent Michael Yo.


But check this out — The pic is above is from Dre’s official Aftermath Entertainment website & blog. It shows the faces of Dre on the right and Jay-Z on the left. It also shows both Dre  & Hova’s name in the Aftermath font. This only builds up the hype & the credibility that the track exists, could this mean the urban legend known as Detox may actually exist too?!?!…stayed tuned.

if you can’t see the faces…hit the jump to see a clearer pic

See it now?


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  1. […] that definitely proves Jigga & Doc were working on something (a track for Detox???) after the initial rumor of a track that featured both icons will be be leaked sometime soon made its way on the […]

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