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Fab spoke to MTV about his little war of words tweets with Jim Jones on Twitter from a few days back over…scraves & belt chains. LOL!

“I don’t know where his comment came from,” Fab said. “I joked around with it too. It was kinda subliminal.

“I think it’s definitely competition,” Fab added. “But you can say things — it gets taken out of context whether you meant it as a joke or not. It could have been his opinion, but it still was thrown the way he threw it. It could have been taken in the context of you taking a shot at somebody. But I had fun with it, I made some jokes. That’s it. I’m not looking at it as I got a really big problem or East Coast/West Coast beef. I cracked a couple of jokes about it. I’m not making a dis record about it. The point I’m in, I’m focusing on career. I’m branded as an artist. I’m almost 10 years in the game. Twitter dissing isn’t important. My last mixtape states where I’m at — there is no competition. That’s on Twitter as well.”


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