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It’s time I let the cat out of the bag and spread the news about a very exclusive, cool website where you get to watch commercials…and earn money for it!!

The site is called Beezag – If you’re already down then you know about the goods Beezag offers but if you’re new to it; here’s the rundown on this invite-only, exclusive network:

Watch commercials, earn cash…you also get access to huge discounts and promotions that help you save on products you like…just by watching a few seconds of videos. I can personally say I’ve earned and saved by being a member of Beezag.

Being a member also gets you in to really cool giveaways (like  up $500 in iTunes gift cards, tickets to ultra-exclusive parties, Visa gift cards, flip cams & more) and keeps you in the picture about the latest trends & products.

This club’s invite-only and there’s a huge waiting list just to register… but why not bypass the waiting list and become a member right now? “Crook From The Brook” has an exclusive activation PIN that can get you in and start earning cash NOW!!

Use Crook From The Brook’s Exclusive PIN “IFRENE” to skip the waiting line and start earning cash @

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