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Dame Dash speaks on and approves of Cam’Ron & Jim Jones’ reconcilition albeit with hindsight from his own conflict with former friend Jay-Z.

I’m more happy than anything that they’re friends — that they were able to salvage their friendship, if that’s the case. I think they’re better than me for that: being smart enough and humble enough to apologize to each other and move forward. I really do hope that where I failed to be the right example, that they can be that. You always want the people ahead of you to do better than you anyway. For that, I gotta give them props for being men above anything.

Dame also speaks on the possibility of The Diplomats releasing an album on his resurrected Roc-A-Fella Records.

Um, under the right circumstances. As long as everyone is happy, as long as the quality of living is never compromised, as long as everyone is on the same sheet of paper — of course. It’d be great. Anything is great under the right circumstances but a dream could become a nightmare when everyone doesn’t have the same agendas. That’s just a general statement.


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