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According AHH, Gucci Mane is looking to make moves in 2010 and he’s not waiting to be released from jail to start making them. First step is to dissolve all ties with “shady” business partners and taking control of his own career. Step 2…bye-bye to his own old label, So Icey Entertainment; Hello to his own new label, 1017 Brick Squad Records, Inc.

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Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has officially parted ways with his former management company Mizay Entertainment and booking agency Hitt Afta Hitt Enterprises. Mizay Entertainment is helmed by Debra Antney, while promoter Johnnie Cabbell is the owner of Hitt After Hitt Enterprises. Both companies and their respective owners are named in several federal lawsuits, claiming they booked Gucci Mane in several cities throughout the country, without disclosing that the rapper was heading to jail. Gucci missed a string of dates over the past year, resulting in lawsuits against Mizay and Hitt After Hitt for failing to return hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in advanced payments. Gucci has closed down his So Icey Entertainment imprint and is now the President and CEO of 1017 Brick Squad Records Inc. “The rest of 2010 is going to be real major,” Gucci Mane told in a statement today (May 4th). “I’m taking control of all of my business properties and keeping the focus on my career, my music and my artists. All the pieces to the puzzle are finally in place and once I get home it’s Gucci time.”


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