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Rest in Paradise shout the Legend from BK. The King of NY Forever. WATCH THE THRONE! Always Loved, Never Forgotten! Miss ya Big. Still the GOAT!
RIP to the Crook From The Brook


DJ Khaled officially inked a deal and joined Cash Money Records. He announced it over twitter with Cash Money co-CEO Baby aka Birdman. Check out the tweet HERE.

Jay-Z momentarily traded in the mic for the editorial pen — Jay-Z writes the introduction to Rolling Stone magazine’s upcoming issue that tackles the 500 greastest songs of all time…all time (that’s the Kanye effect). In the intro Jigga writes about what music means to him and how music has changed for the better and for the worse. Check it out – it’s a real interesting read. The issue will be out soon.

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The nominees for the 2010 BET Awards were announced.  Leading the way with the most nominations are Jay-Z & Drake (3 Individually & 2 as part of Young Money) with five apiece and Beyoncé with four of her own. The Awards will be hosted by Queen Latifah and held on June 27 in Los Angeles, CA.

Expect to see performances from Drake, Nicki Minaj (both are nominated for several awards for themselves and as part of Young Money), Trey Songz & Diddy/Dirty Money.

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Jay-Z adds another feather to his hat…his latest record off BP3, “Young Forever” entered Billboard’s Top 10 this week giving him 17 top 10 Hip-Hop/Rap chart toppers. He was previously tied with Ludacris with 16 apiece — but Luda’s not out of it just yet — his latest record “My Chick Bad” featuring Nicki Minaj is currently # 11 — so it looks like another tie is coming up next week.

Sidebar: Shoutout to B.o.B for have the #1 album in the country – with 83,000 units sold!!

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Pusha T of the group Clipse has been the source of a lot chatter on the ‘net last couple days sinece the release of Young Jeezy’s mixtape Trap Or Die 2.  One of the standout tracks on the mixtape “Ill’in” featuring the Clipse has a few bars that references Jay-Z passing the “crown” on to “heirs” of thrown. Some speculated if this was jab to Hov himself or up-and-comers like J. Cole, Drake, etc. Check out the bars and song below:

“Tell Hova don’t pass the crown so soon, Unless he got a crown for every writer in the room/There’s too many spirits on these ghostwritten tunes, So you can’t crown the heir until you séance the room.”

Pusha T clarifies his bars with VIBE in this explanation :

I actually wrote my verse [around the time] “D.O.A.” dropped. I just feel like there are a lot of new artists in the game that still have to prove themselves. You hear so much talk about who’s next and who’s up next and who’s the man and so on and so forth. In all fairness, I feel like Jay-Z is still relevant. He’s still the rapper. He’s the crown-holder right now. But, you know, he cosigns plenty of artists all the time, so I just wanted to tell him not to pass the crown too soon because we don’t know enough about these artists yet. We need to do checks on them first and see what they’re all about. Obviously, ghostwriting is a very big thing going on, too. So we gotta see who the man is behind all of these joints if that’s what’s going on.

To me it’s clear that’s he talking about Lil’ Wayne, here are the obvious indicators: Jay-Z calls Wayne his heir on the “Mr. Carter” track off The Carter 3 LP, it’s been long rumored that Weezy has used ghost writers  for some of verses and songs in the past; allegedly using Gillie Da Kid, Drake & Curren$y for the penning services and last but not least there’s been a long-standing but somewhat silent beef between the Clipse & Weezy for the past few years. For the record.. the song is dope…and the verse is ill.

Eminem received his plaque officially declaring him “SSK” [Soundscan Killer] (sorry Curtis) of the past decade. With over 32 million copies of his albums sold in the last decade, Eminem was recognized by Nielsen Soundscan as “Artist of the Decade” — Up top he picks up the award honoring his acheivement.

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Looks like G-Unit rapper Banks is trying to cover all the bases with his current hit “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley” featuring Juelz Santana. Tyring to capitalize on the recent success of his hit Banks spoke to VIBE and revealed plans on doling several remix versions of the song catering to differents regions.  Although plenty of rappers made their own versions of the track Banks kept tight-lipped on who will appear on the official remixes — Slim Thug announced that he’s was tapped for a verse and rumor has it that G-Unit general, 50 Cent, will apear on the East Coast/NYC version — which will drop sooner than you think.

“I’ve got so much love and a good response on this record that it’s actually going to have to be more than one remix because it goes by markets,” Banks told VIBE, careful not to drop names. “You got Down South, you got the West coast, you got the East coast. Different regions take different records.”

Banks’ thoughts on other rappers’ “Beamer” versions:

“I thought the Maino version was cool, I like the Joe Budden verse. Fab is cool too and there’s so many more, but those are the ones that stick out to me,” Banks said. “They’re playing that Joell Ortiz version a lot in NY, too. I still think mine is the tightest, but hey [laughs].” 

Here’s a pic that definitely proves Jigga & Doc were working on something (a track for Detox???) after the initial rumor of a track that featured both icons will be be leaked sometime soon made its way on the ‘net.

Here the background behind the pic:

Pic was taken in Miami, FL on February 21, 2010 for a session between Jay-Z & Dr. Dre for Dre’s Detox album.

The paternity results are in…Matthew Knowles is officially the father of baby boy Nixon. Nixon, born February 4 of this year, is the child of Alexsandra Wright, who claims to have had an 18-month love affair with Matthew Knowles.

Beyonce and Solange officially have a little brother; Solange is finally a big sister.

Word is that the lawyers for Knowles and Wright are in the final stages of negotiating a settlement for baby Nixon‘s child support.

Wright filed a paternity suit last October against Knowles — who was temporarily ordered to pay $8,200 in monthly child support. Well we all know — that amount is going sky high now.