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Here an unreleased Eminem track that had the ‘net going bonkers for a minute. Track features Em, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre & Em’s Shady Records’ artists Stat Quo & Ca$his.

Download: Eminem ft. Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Stat Quo & Ca$his – Syllables


Finally…after all the commotion this caused when it was first mentioned a few months back…the track “Under Pressure” is exactly that under pressure to be a hit since it features two Hip-Hop Icons; Dr. Dre & Jay-Z.  Thoughts??

Dr. Dre feat Jay Z – “Under Pressure”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Doc had a sit-down interview with CNBC promoting his ‘beats by dre’ headphones but I’ll cut to the chase — At the 6:40 mark Dre confirms his single “Under Pressure” featuring Jay-Z is dropping in two weeks and his myth of an album Detox is definitely dropping in 2010. We’ll see…don’t hold your breath though.

Here’s a pic that definitely proves Jigga & Doc were working on something (a track for Detox???) after the initial rumor of a track that featured both icons will be be leaked sometime soon made its way on the ‘net.

Here the background behind the pic:

Pic was taken in Miami, FL on February 21, 2010 for a session between Jay-Z & Dr. Dre for Dre’s Detox album.

Apparently the ‘net is buzzing on the pretty strong rumor that a brand new track from Dr. Dre featuring Jay-Z will be unleashed this week. The funny thing is, the source of the rumor is E! Television’s correspondent Michael Yo.


But check this out — The pic is above is from Dre’s official Aftermath Entertainment website & blog. It shows the faces of Dre on the right and Jay-Z on the left. It also shows both Dre  & Hova’s name in the Aftermath font. This only builds up the hype & the credibility that the track exists, could this mean the urban legend known as Detox may actually exist too?!?!…stayed tuned.

if you can’t see the faces…hit the jump to see a clearer pic Read More »

Here’s the bonus track off Em’s upcoming re-release Relapse: Refill that has Slim Shady and Dr. Dre going tag teaming the track. The track will be sent to radio sometime next week. Relapse: Refill drops Dec. 21. Track is hot!! 

Download: Eminem feat. Dr. Dre “Hell Break Loose”

BONUS: Here’s another track called “Buffalo Bill”

Eminem – Buffalo Bill

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Songs that leaked from Dr. Dre’s Detox recording sessions earlier this year revealed that Nas and R. Kelly are among the artists in consideration to appear on the long-awaited opus. And T.I., Lil Wayne and Drake are among the MCs believed to be ghost-writing for the album.

But if Dre gets his way, a certain renowned Brooklyn rhymesmith will be pulling double-duty on Detox, both writing and delivering a guest verse.

“Well, actually, Jay-Z’s just been in the studio doing some writing,” Dre told MTV News on Friday while promoting his new Beats By Dre/HP notebook collaboration. “Hopefully I’ll get him to perform on the record. Jay, come holler!”

Detox is the follow-up to Dre’s 2001 album and will complete the trilogy that began with 1992’s The Chronic.

Props: MTV


Here the CDQ of the Dr. Dre produced track “Dreamin'” By 50 Cent that will appear on DJ Kay Slay’s upcoming album “More Than A DJ.”

Download: DJ Kay Slay Ft 50 Cent-Dreamin’ (Prod. by Dr.Dre) [CDQ]

Props: X

50 Cent & DJ Kay Slay

New 50 Cent track produced by Dr. Dre off DJ Kay Slay’s upcoming “More Than A DJ” album.

50 Cent – Dreamin (Prod. By. Dr. Dre) (RadioRip)

Raekwon - OBFCL 1 & 2 9-8

The clean version leaked just days ago…not the dirty version is unleashed…check it out.

Raekwon feat. Lyfe Jennings – Catalina (prod. Dr. Dre) [Dirty]